M/M Athlete is more than a brand, it is a community that was started for endurance athletes who reflect the M/M mantra. They know that the “the body achieves what the mind believes" and leave no doubt that they gave everything they had during a workout or race. M/M Athletes are always chasing new PRs and podiums.

M/M also strives to motivate people who are not endurance athletes yet, but want to be, to realize anything can be accomplished they put their minds towards. Most people in our community first got into endurance sports because someone told them they couldn’t do something or someone dared them to do a race. That’s why we say, “We Dare You To Be Better and Perfection Has No Endpoint.”

Most people will say, “no one is perfect” or “I’ll never be perfect” but the definition of perfection M/M lives by is “the action or progress of improving something until it is faultless or as faultless as possible”. The second part is what resonates with us at M/M - “faultless as possible”. We don’t think we will be perfect but we will continue to work hard everyday to be “faultless as possible” when it comes to training, racing and life in general. So get out there and pursue YOUR “perfection” and be the best YOU can be.

Leave No Doubt,
- M/M Team