About us

Established in Cypress Texas in 2016, Mind Over Matter Athlete was created to inspire people to challenge themselves through endurance sports. Built on the premise, "the body achieves what the mind believes" our founder set out to create not just a brand, but a community that represents the simply truism; "when you win the battle of the mind, anything is possible".
Owners Cody and Katie Solbo, embody the core values of Mind Over Matter every day. Both are active triathletes and constantly striving to “Silence The Enemy Within” and achieve their best selves in and out of sport. Mind Over Matter is more than a brand to them, it is a community and family. The community that has evolved from this brand, is the driving force for all the effort the Solbo’s put into each and every product.
Today, we are a community of athletes that embody the mantra Mind Over Matter. We are those that refuse to be average and refuse to quit. We've come to understand there's no worthy goal, without any difficulty. Experience has taught us, the greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. Our mission is simple; to encourage and inspire all people to face adversity head on, for through adversity comes perseverance, and through perseverance comes strength. When you win the battle of the mind, Leave No Doubt, anything is possible